Riverside Rocks

A website offering various free privacy services. At it's peak, the website transfered more than 700TB of data a month and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. Technologies used include Apache and Docker.

Website that sells threat intelligence databases, containing the IP addresses of hackers and infected computers. Site designed in Bulma CSS (my first website coded in Bulma), and backend coded in Python Flask. Additional technologies used include Caddy and Varnish.


A service to replace BART's legacy API, which has errors and is unstable. Scrapes data directly from the BART website, and returns it in the JSON format. Implements caching to prevent strain on BART infrastructure. Technologies used include Beautiful Soup and Varnish.


I've been backing up the majority of my code to GitHub since 2020. Should be noted I didn't create Github.

Shore Line East API

API for Shore Line East, the commuter rail service for the Connecicut shoreline. Similar to the BART project, it scrapes data from the website and represents it as JSON, however, unlike the BART project, there was no API prior to creating this project.

This Website!

Coded on plain HTML with Bulma CSS. Hosted on my home server behind Amazon Cloudfront. I've learned that AWS is really expensive if you accidently spend beyond the free plan.